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Enjoy the convenience of multi-user access and capturing all operational and regulatory processes via the nearest tablet, mobile phone or laptop.


iQA DT – More than just a documentation tool

Our centralized, web-based software solution enables you to set the standard when it comes to quality and safety. Do more than just check the boxes – gain insight into your operations, grow smarter and safer and improve your bottom line, all with one solution.

iQA DT is designed to simplify, automate and track the performance of daily operating procedures and quality control activities. Built for the unique complexities of marijuana production, iQA DT supports best practices for quality control and facilitates compliance with the specific regulations and requirements of your geographic location. All key data is captured for full audit capability and is accessible in real-time.

Done right. By the right people. At the right time.solution_screenshot

Your quality assurance program has been created but you’re not always confident things are getting done correctly, at the right time or by the right person. What happens when there’s a problem? iQA DT gives you comfort that critical tasks are being performed when and how they should be, and by the right people. And when there’s a breakdown, we’ll help you find out where and when it happened. Ensure consistency and stay better informed about your quality management processes with iQA DT.

Compliance and quality assured

Whether it’s individual state regulations, national health requirements (such as MMPR in Canada) or your own Quality Control Managers, iQA DT is a flexible tool that allows you to easily input your standard operating procedures, track and monitor them throughout, and report on them with as much or as little detail as needed. All actions within iQA DT are recorded with a user, date and time stamp so audit requirements are a breeze.

Get more analytical

Think certain tasks should take less time than they are? Maybe they should. iQA DT gives you insight into the areas of your quality assurance program that could be improved. Slice and dice as needed. View by task, staff member, timeframe or any number of other parameters. Learn more about what’s happening, when and by who. With iQA DT, you are better informed to make decisions that will improve profitability and overall quality.

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Focus 2

Make smarter decisions. Ensure compliance.
Improve quality.

In Development


We are always looking at ways to improve our solution and provide new features that producers are looking for.

A current example of this would be our work in the area of ‘double doctoring’ and prescription tracking and accuracy. iQA Rx is a tool currently in development that will allow for convenient documentation and submission of all key information required by provincial medical-licensing authorities to eliminate double doctoring or multiple producer orders. With iQA Rx, you’ll be able to filter prescriptions that do not comply with existing regulations. The tool will help ensure that all prescriptions are legitimate and fully compliant, and that semi-annual record submissions are detailed and accurate.

Check back with us regularly for more information on this and other new iQA additions.

About IQA


Technology to power growth.

We work directly with licensed producers to ensure our solutions are industry-driven. iQA is committed to providing leading edge solutions that power medical marijuana producers to achieve the highest levels of safety, quality and profitability.

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